Hope Center Hue - Vietnam
Giving disabled and disadvantaged people a beautiful future
Handicraft . A Luoi . Vocational Training


The Hope Centre has helped just over 550 people since it’s inception. Trainees may attend courses from 6 months to 1 year. The very first group, all hearing disabled people, are now employed by top tailoring businesses in Huế. Many of the admin staff move through the ranks starting off at the vocational training level and moving to various positions as permanent staff. They are encouraged to attend further courses to enhance their skills. They are selected because they show ability and initiative. Several people have been at the Center for many years. Nhật – 9 years, Hậu, An, Old Bảo and Young Bảo have been part of the production team for 7 years. And Vân and Minh have served for 5 years.

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