Hope Center Hue - Vietnam
Giving disabled and disadvantaged people a beautiful future
Handicraft . A Luoi . Vocational Training

Welcome to the Hope Center

The Hope Center, based in Hue Vietnam, focuses its efforts on assisting disabled and disadvantaged people by providing them with vocational training and work opportunities. The Center further works with several Minority Groups living in the A Luoi district situated in the mountainous region approximately 70 km from Hue near the Lao border. Since 1999 the Center has provided training in tailoring and industrial sewing. The garment manufacturing side of the business supplies Hue City and surrounds with uniforms for schools and hospitals. In more recent years a handicraft division has been added. Artisans produce a range of goods from wire products to woven rattan bowls and hand crafted jewellery. The A Luoi weavers contribute their hand woven fabric to scarves and handbag products. For a more comprehensive background please see our About section. We welcome contributions and assistance in whatever form. Check the Get Involved section to see where you can help.

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